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We are a company focused on railway, aeronautical and industrial engineering and technology, with a strategy based on specialization. Specialization, technology and the ability to adapt to the new trends of the market are the key to our success.

A multi-skilled professional team where youth and experience are perfectly blended. Very experienced staff, outstanding professionals and junior professionals working together with energy, motivation and illusion.

We seek to contribute and continue learning, a pairing that nowadays is becoming more necessary to develop personally and professionally. Every day we strive to maintain our competitiveness.

Our aim: totally satisfied customers.

We work by and for technology. That is our main motivation.

We work to improbe technology. That´s our main goal

Our main activities

We are focus on

  • Ingeniería de Sistemas
  • Sistemas de Vía

Railway Engineering for different segments


Our Mission


Our mission is to BRING VALUE TO OUR CUSTOMERS, working with them in the conception, design, development, commissioning and evolution of their products and systems within the railway, aeronautical and industrial sectors.

Also, to assist in the coordination, management and deployment of their projects in an international scope. To help them in the improvement and optimization of their processes and the transference of experiences and technologies among the sectors we work in.

The experience accrued in projects of a more specialised sector applies to others where such specialization is not so developed. We are experts and we want to distinguish ourselves in the market by our speciality.

  • Commitment with people, environment and sostenibility
  • Flexibility to responde to our customers requirements
  • Adaptability to new market circumstances
  • Especialization in our scope
  • Added Value in our collaborations
  • Responsability in our decisions
  • Aim for Excellence with our employees, customers and partners

Our Team

We are experts, a team of engineers from multiple disciplines, who put their knowledge and experience at the service of a project, allowing us to address challenges in different sectors, but where the common denominator is technology.
Specialization is our strategy; the professionalism, commitment and motivation are the pillars of our work.

Our team is made up of, among others, industrial, telecommunications, aeronautical, computer, physical and mathematical engineers, who apply training, knowledge and experience in specific technologies in every partnership.

In our teams, we combine very experienced workforce with junior staff, women and men, to maximize creativity, practical solutions and efficiency. We strive to train engineering teams from different disciplines working together where there is a greater breadth of sights and contribution.

Woman and Man working together to optimize creativity, practical solutions and eficiency.

Grow with us

We all contribute with our previous experience and training when joining the team.

In Techonrails people are our great asset.

Our workforce is made up of 50 per cent women and men working together. We strive to create mixed teams with excellent results in efficiency and creativity.

We select, engage, train and make our teams evolve in a state-of-the-art technological environment.

If you want to develop yourself as a professional as well as a person in TechOnRails, you must comply with the following requirements:

We appreciate your talent.
Send us your CV and apply for one of our job offers. We are waitting for you.

Here you can improve your professional carreer. Improve your talent

We want you to...

  • Enjoy your work and profession.
  • Every mission is a challenge and requires an effort
  • Integrate yourself in the organization
  • Make proposals to be part of your future
  • Your job allows you to enjoy your personal life



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Ronda de Europa, 5 2C Norte

28760 TRES CANTOS – Madrid

+(34) 917 880 610

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